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Script/Calligraphy Fonts

Script  & calligraphy fonts are some of my favorites but I don’t often get a chance to use them (since for most clients legibility trumps design). BUT with the holiday’s coming up , these fonts are perfect for Christmas cards & party invitations!

Some are free for personal use, others are only available for purchase.

Antrokas, Aya Script Ribbons (by Tart Workshop, super cute when the “ribbons” extend off the edges of a piece), Barocca Monograms (also by Tart), Brannboll (by Mans Greback – who I’ve posted about several times), Carolyna Pro Black (super super popular for wedding invites), Channel (Mans Greback again), Clipper Script (and  Mans Greback AGAIN), Feel Script, Janda Stylish Script, La Portenta de la Boca, Lavanderia, Nelly Script (another popular “wedding” script also by Tart), Roskrift (which I’ve talked about before), Sweetheart Script (so fun and easy to read).

Font Fun – Slab & Chunky Serif

I recently finished categorizing my fonts by style in my font manager (no small task when look thru nearly 4000 fonts). Luckily I’ve created a good habit of separating them into folders by style when I download them so that made it easier. It’s a good habit to get into if you start to collect a lot of fonts so you don’t waste time looking thru all your fonts trying to find that perfect font for your project. So I thought I’d share some of by favorites by type. 

Here are some of my favorite Slab Serif/Chunky Serif Fonts…

Aachen, Aardvark, Big Mummy, Canaveral, Chunk Five, Deming, FatSlab, Homestead, Josefin Slab, Lapland, Roland, Rockwell, Ryno Slab



Design + Information = Infographics

So often clients will try to cram too much information into the space they have and the result is a frustrated designer and a page of solid text. Sometimes less is more. In the day of tweets when a vast amount of people have the attention span of a 3 year old, infographics are= a way to catch their eye and THEN educate them.

Personally looking at the examples below, I may have absolutely no interest in the subject but I can guarantee I read every one because of the strong graphic presentation.

Extinction of Honey Bees by ffunction

American Students Studying Abroad

Compiled by: Online Colleges Resource

So keep information to the point and beautifully designed.

Talon Winery: Bottle Labels

These were actually done a long time ago but were recently featured on the client’s Facebook page. Nice to see them “live”.

Some Weatz

I’ve already talked about two of Måns Grebäck’s fonts, so here’s the trifecta for my non-calligraphy fonts:

This one is one of the best, check out an address sample:

It’s fantastic! You will want to kern your text as the swashes make for a lot of extra room between words. Again this is FREE for personal use and you can find it here.

Visit the artist’s site and show some love on Facebook.


So when I got distracted by Feathergraphy, I also found this font. It’s a little less refined but it definitely works well for faking calligraphy.

Check it out:

You may lose some of the hand-drawn quality when it gets down too small but I like the rough edges to make it more believable when used in place of an actual handwritten font.

This is another awesome font by artist Måns Grebäck – visit his site and show some love on Facebook. It’s FREE for personal use only and you can download ithere!


So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted any new fonts but I found this beauty when searching for…hmm, can’t remember but it was something work-related for sure then I got distracted by the pretty.

Here’s a sample address:

Isn’t it gorgeous?? Best of all it’s FREE (for personal use only). Download here. By artist Måns Grebäck – visit his site and show some love on Facebook.

Lt Chickenhawk

I love hand-drawn fonts. Doesn’t this just make you want to scribble all over your Lisa Frank trapper keeper (you know, the one with the Golden Retriever)? Tiny hearts in the “O”s = awesomeness. I wish there were caps for this as well, so it would be more usable.

It’s FREE for personal use here. Donate for commercial use!

Artist is Lauren Thompson – check out her site.

Hotel Coral Essex

This sans-serif stamped font is great. I’ve had to create a stamped effect before so it’s nice to have a font that already contains it.

Download it FREE for personal use here. Artist’s site.


I love it’s old time feel and ornateness. However to really take advantage of the font it needs to be used minimally but at a large scale, otherwise it becomes difficult to read.

Get it here for FREE! It’s by Dieter Steffmann but unfortunately the artist’s page is in German – otherwise I’d link it.