Design Love

Script/Calligraphy Fonts

Script  & calligraphy fonts are some of my favorites but I don’t often get a chance to use them (since for most clients legibility trumps design). BUT with the holiday’s coming up , these fonts are perfect for Christmas cards & party invitations!

Some are free for personal use, others are only available for purchase.

Antrokas, Aya Script Ribbons (by Tart Workshop, super cute when the “ribbons” extend off the edges of a piece), Barocca Monograms (also by Tart), Brannboll (by Mans Greback – who I’ve posted about several times), Carolyna Pro Black (super super popular for wedding invites), Channel (Mans Greback again), Clipper Script (and  Mans Greback AGAIN), Feel Script, Janda Stylish Script, La Portenta de la Boca, Lavanderia, Nelly Script (another popular “wedding” script also by Tart), Roskrift (which I’ve talked about before), Sweetheart Script (so fun and easy to read).