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Font Fun – Slab & Chunky Serif

I recently finished categorizing my fonts by style in my font manager (no small task when look thru nearly 4000 fonts). Luckily I’ve created a good habit of separating them into folders by style when I download them so that made it easier. It’s a good habit to get into if you start to collect a lot of fonts so you don’t waste time looking thru all your fonts trying to find that perfect font for your project. So I thought I’d share some of by favorites by type. 

Here are some of my favorite Slab Serif/Chunky Serif Fonts…

Aachen, Aardvark, Big Mummy, Canaveral, Chunk Five, Deming, FatSlab, Homestead, Josefin Slab, Lapland, Roland, Rockwell, Ryno Slab