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Sketched Rockwell

I used this in the Bellewood Annual Report so I like the hand-drawn look but that it’s still legible when it’s used smaller.

Comes with lowercase as well but to really appreciate it, use it in a large format (headers, titles, signage). It’s other name is “Sketch Block” but it’s actually a sketched version of the font “Rockwell”.

Font available for FREE here (for personal use). Or buy it for professional use hereFoundry.


For Valentine’s Day…here’s something romantic.

A favorite font for wedding-invitations and general fanciness (yes, it’s a real word, I asked my husband).

The entire set can be found on for $42. There are three styles, if you’re on a budget, I’d suggest the regular and swash versions, as you’ll most likely get the most use out of those.

Bleeding Cowboys

I love this font’s Western Grunge look…and it’s awesome name. It can be found free here for personal use. Artist’s website (notice a trend? He also got trashed on New Years).